Why Improve Accessibility?

  • Growing middle-class worldwide

    Disabilities affect all- rich and poor.

    Research by the Brookings Institute in 2017 projected that 160 million people would enter the Middle class every year until 2021. 

    Expenditure by the middle class in 2016 was $35 trillion. This new group is projected to spend an extra $29 trillion per year by 2030.  Middle class consumers tend to spend money on cars, homes and holidays.

  • Growing Population and International Tourists

    In 2010 UNWTO* predicted that by 2020 there would be 1.4 billion international tourists; by 2030 this number would be 1.8bn.

    In 2017 there were 1.32 bn international tourists. Asia Pacific had 323 million visitors- a 17% rise from 2015

  • Wellness & Spa Tourism

    It is the fastest growing segment in world tourism- in 2016/17 it grew by 6.5%.


    Asia-Pacific saw the biggest rise thanks to a growing middle class and strong economies. By 2022 expenditures in Asia-Pacific are projected to be $250 bn. 

    Spa revenue globally is seeing 9.9% annual growth.  The main drivers of this growth are rising incomes, the growth of wellness tourism and the increasing propensity of tourists to spend on wellness.

  • Growth of Online Travel Booking

    In the past few years the internet has seen an explosion of travel-orientated sites, allowing tourists to better research destinations before booking.


    Similarly online reviews have a major influence on potential tourists and if destinations aren’t obviously accessible, the tourist will look elsewhere.


    The growing importance of the internet in travel planning is borne out by a recent ABTA* report stating that in 2018 81% of UK citizens booked holidays online, 47% direct with hotels, airlines etc

  • Increasing Life Expectancy

    But as people grow older, the chance of experiencing a permanent or temporary disability is increased.

    Due to medical advances and improving standards of living, the world’s population can expect to live longer than their parents. But as people grow older, the chance of experiencing a permanent or temporary disability is increased.

    In 2018 there were 50 million tourists from Europe who were over 65.  

    Of the top 10 countries in the world with the highest life expectancy, six are European countries.

  • More adventurous travellers

    Most disabled people tend to holiday in destinations which are well known to be accessible- such as Europe or USA.  But people in general are becoming more adventurous and want to explore different cultures and countries.