Training and Development

Our Disability Equality Training (DET) will equip your staff with the skills, tools and know how they need when supporting customers and colleagues who have disabilities.

Educating staff about the problems faced by people of determination will help change attitudes and breakdown unconscious bias.  By the end of the Training, your staff will feel more confident when serving (and working with) people of determination.

The course consists of four 2-hour sessions and can be spread over 1 day or 2 days. 

We will use videos and props to simulate disabilities, with the sessions consisting of open discussion, group work, role playing and feedback.

The training is non-judgmental, confidential and transparent.  No question or thought is off limits.

Topics that are covered on the training course include:


• Barriers that people of determination face and ways in which to over come them
• The social v medical model of disability
• Access and inclusion
• Appropriate language and effective communication
• Empathy v sympathy
• Stereotyping and unconscious bias
• Exploring the business benefits to employing people with disabilities