About James Exton and Jayita Bhattacharya


Like most people I adore travelling.  Meeting new people, new cultures and new experiences makes life worth living.    

However, as my health deteriorated I found that I had to do alot of planning before travelling.  Is the hotel wheelchair friendly? Is public transport accessible?  Are tourist sites accessible?  Unfortunately many people (those with disabilities and senior citizens) find the whole idea of travel too daunting and either go somewhere they know has good access (like USA, Europe etc) or they just give up on the idea of travel entirely. 


My 22 years of travelling around Sri Lanka has shown me all the delights this amazing island has to offer and this is why I started 'access the globe'- to assist those requiring accessible holidays, plan and book an amazing holiday which will allow you to relax and enjoy every moment without worrying about potential accessibility issues.

Likewise, businesses looking to offer accessible tourism services can find the whole concept of accessibility daunting. How much will it cost to improve my business?  Do I need a wheelchair ramp and if so, what should the length and gradient be? etc.

By not providing accessible goods and services, the Tourism sector is missing out on a sizeable market of high spending tourists.  WE can help business reach this market. We promise 'On Time, Every Time' delivery of cost-efficient products, services and solutions which will ensure that your company can offer exceptional service to a wider market.

We look forward to helping you soon.


James Exton and Jayita Bhattacharya